Sunday, June 1, 2014

June is...

Adopt a Cat Month!  This is "kitten season" and more cats than ever need our help.  Whether you adopt from a shelter or save a stray/feral, you'll be saving a precious life.  The joy they'll bring to you is just an added bonus.

Of course, every month, year in and year out, there are cats, dogs and other animals who need help from a kind and loving human (October is "Adopt a Dog Month)...but I just wanted to let you know that June is Adopt a Cat Month! 

(Photo is from Pinterest, sadly the link doesn't give credit to the photographer.  If you are the photographer, please let me know).


  1. Well said, Victoria. Thank you :)
    I would love to adopt a kitty right now, but at the moment, can't.
    One day though, I will.
    I support our local animal rescue organisations and get frequent updates on lovely cats and dogs that need homes. Fortunately, they are usually homed quickly, which makes me very glad for them.

  2. Vicki, they are fortunate, indeed. Here in the U.S. there are so, so many animals that need homes...but never get them.

  3. Oh Victoria - what an adorable photo. I didn't realize that June was the month to adopt a cat. Hubby would be very happy if I didn't have this information...will have to break it to him gently if a stray wanders in (LOL)! Hope you have a glorious week. Have you adopted a new one?? If you do - hope you share a picture or two.

  4. Debbie, I've rescued two little feral kittens, one last August and one nine weeks ago when she was only four weeks old. I've been so remiss in posting photos of Alyce and Lucy, I'll have to remedy that soon!

  5. hmmm they always seem to adopt me...never a shortage here

  6. Same here, Suz...never a shortage, sadly.


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