Friday, May 30, 2014

Faeries Friday

I guess it's summer, even though we haven't reached Solstice yet.  The foxgloves have been blooming for a while, and the Foxglove Faery has shown up to touch up their fast-fading blooms. 

I wish there was an Ageing Woman Face Faery...I could really use a touch-up/lift from her! 


  1. Oh how I love foxgloves! You must delight in them growing in your forest, Victoria.
    What a nice task given to this faery, touching up the foxies bells :)

    After having been a maiden, I'm slowly transitioning from mother to crone, and I hear ya on the request for a fae in charge of "crone touch ups" :)
    Have you tried Cleavers tea for the skin? It should be growing vigorously over you way now, until October.

  2. I love foxgloves. Such a vivid colour your is. We have lots of wild ones around where we live & the seeds must blow into my garden or the birds bring them, as each summer they shoot up in the most unusual place or maybe I have fairies in my garden & they sow the seeds.

  3. No, I've not tried it...I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps it's called something else here?

    I do love foxgloves, especially since they so obligingly spread themselves by seed, popping up in the most unexpected, but always welcome, places.

  4. Botanically, it is Galium Aparine. Commonly known as; Catchweed, Goosegrass, Velcro Plant, Coachweed, Stickyweed and, I love this - Stickywilly :)

    Here's a link for you to recognise the plant and read up on it

    You'll see it's a pretty great herb - which others here despise for a weed, sadly.
    How little people know what goodness grows beneath their feet and call "weeds", eh? :)

  5. We have had foxgloves in the past but not now. You remind me how much I like these pretty flowers.

  6. Vicki, thanks for the link.

    Miss Vicki, you should sow some seeds...I can envision how your garden would be even more beautiful with foxgloves in it.


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