Thursday, May 15, 2014

Strawberries and Hope

There are little wild strawberries blooming everywhere.  They're even popping up in the ivy.  Hopefully, there will be lots for the birds, mice and skunks as they all love strawberries.  I love them, too, but I only eat one or two of the beyond-delicious little wild ones because there just isn't that much food for the little wild cousins up here anymore.  My sister always has lots of strawberries to share, so I content myself with those. 

The wildfires in San Diego County are terrible.  I heard on the news tonight that a badly burned body has been found, poor soul.  And when I think of all the animals that have perished, which the news never mentions, my heart hurts more.  135,000 homes have been evacuated across the county.  Fires have never, never been a problem in Southern California in May.  I am terrified of what months of hot, dry weather will cause in the autumn.  But, since we're having Santa Ana winds now, which is unusual, maybe they won't blow in the autumn.  It's the hope of that which I hang on to. 


  1. My hubby and i noticed that they also talk very little about what started the fire...... they don't even speculate very much.. it always seems rather hush hush... I kinda think with so many fires in such a short time that someone is setting them. Stay safe. Hugs! deb

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry to read this, Victoria.
    I too mourn the loss of the wildlife and their precious habitat after fire.

    I'll be wishing and hoping for you, and all, on your beautiful mountain this season.

  3. Dear Victoria - my heart goes out to everyone living in the far west area...the drought and fires are terrible...praying that the jet stream moves on and brings relief soon to everyone. I will be looking up. In the meantime I hope your sister shares her strawberries with you. Take care and have a great week-end.

  4. Deb, I think it's probably arson, too. Thank you for your 'stay safe' wishes!

    Vicki, thank you for your wishes and hopes, we all appreciate them! I'm so grateful that your fire season has passed and wasn't too horrific.

    Debbie, I hope the jet stream moves, too. I think we're in for a long and terrible fire season if it doesn't. Thank you for looking up for us!


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