Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weather Faeries

The rain and hail faeries paid a brief, very brief, visit today.  Up at the top of the ski resorts, which have been closed for quite a while, it actually snowed enough to give a good ground cover and down in the deserts it rained enough to flood some areas!  My hope and prayer is this storm will intensify, move eastwards and put out that terrible fire in Arizona.

(I don't know why this photo has such strange patterns in it; when it's enlarged they disappear and on my computer they're not there.  Blogger, what did you do?)


  1. I truly hope the fire is put out too. Sending much needed rain wishes to all.

    Victoria, you have a 'witch ball'! It is a beautiful one too. The cobalt and aqua is quite stunning!
    Like looking beneath the ocean - from a mermaid's perspective.

    I would love a witch ball in my window, but they don't make/have them over here, and I'm always worried about breakage during OS postage :(

    On my computer, there are no strange patterns. But, it's quite like faeries to create "now you see us, now you don't" games ;)

  2. I collect them (witch balls). I just can't resist them. They're made by Kitras Art Glass in Washington state. That's horrible that you don't have them in Australia!

    I think you're right about the faeries playing games...just look at the look on the face of the faery in the photo ;)


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