Friday, May 2, 2014

Faeries Friday

Is it still a Faery Ring even though it's moss instead of mushrooms?  Also, it's not perfectly round.  I didn't step inside it...just in case!


  1. It's a faery ring... as long as the eyes of our hearts can see the faeries. ;-)

  2. Aha! I thought so. I guess the eyes in my heart still see clearly!

  3. Most definitely a faery ring! Such a beautiful example you've found, Victoria.

    I have an interesting story. Once, I was out walking in the forest with a friend, when we came across what we both believed was a faery ring. The air around it "felt" different, and seemed otherworldly. It was about half a metre in circumference.
    I admired it from a distance.
    She, however, went into it and sat on a rock at its edge - wanting to meditate upon the fae, and maybe catch a glimpse.
    I told her I didn't think that was such a good idea.
    Within a minute, she jumped up screaming, almost tearing her pants off... she'd been bitten by thirteen bull ants, judging by the stings on her lower legs and thighs.

    Always, keep a respectful distance, I tell myself ;)

  4. I think your approach is the best, Vicki. Clearly, those faeries didn't want your friend in their space!


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