Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Sunlight

Sunlight highlighting some Lunaria blossoms...and a lot of wicked foxtail weeds that I must get rid of!


  1. Couldn't think of a prettier place to do the weeding, personally :)

  2. Dear Victoria - this is so pretty...looks more like summertime than spring. Was looking on the weather channel...sounds like you might be in for some rain and wind...stay safe friend.

  3. Vicki, I agree, it's's just that there are so darn many of the blasted things.

    Debbie, I'm glad you liked the photo. But, if it was summertime most of the green (except for the trees) would be gone because the grasses dry to a silver-beige color. We are in for some wind, unfortunately no rain. Thanks for the safe wishes!


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