Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Blossoms

The dogwoods' blossoms are looking pretty tattered and tired...this one was the best that I found today.  The tree that it's on is in a little micro-climate down by the creek that stays cool even in the hottest weather.  My husband jokes that it's always cool because it's haunted.  I don't tell him that he's right.  The little dell was my Godmother's and mama's favorite spot, and I've felt their presence there many times.  She and my mom used to spread a quilt on the ferny bank when they wanted a break during the summer from me and my cousins.  They'd carry down a big pitcher of "sweet tea" from the cottage.  I think (know) it was mostly iced tea with a generous portion of Irish whiskey added.  I do the same nowadays...my relatives know that when I'm there, I'm off limits, just as my cousins and I knew that my mom and my Godmother were not to be bothered when they were there.  Only now my pitcher of sweet tea is just that, because I developed an allergy to alcohol several years ago.  Talk about annoying!  But the little dell is still a quiet, magical spot to pass an afternoon.  Sometimes, as I sit on the quilt beside the creek and sip my sweet tea, I think I hear their laughter.  My Godmother and my mama were best friends for most of their lives and, wherever they are, I think they're still best friends, visiting their favorite places and favorite people and sipping their "sweet tea" during hot summer weather.


  1. Such a sweet account of your haunted dell, Victoria.
    Your husband is very perceptive - even if he might not like to admit it out loud ;)

    I think your Godmother and mama join you there, in your special secret place, where the magic stays alive.

    Remember to pour some tea onto the ground for the spirits and fae folk :)

  2. Vicki, I know they join me there, but not just there...I sense them in other places, too.

    You know, I had forgotten to pour tea for the fae (I always have glasses for mama and my Godmother) the last two times I went there. Both times, after I had been there for a while, the pitcher of tea mysteriously tipped over. Hmm...

  3. What a lovely memory -- and a lovely enchanted dell!

  4. Thank you, Miss Vicki, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about one of my memories.

  5. Hi Victoria. some how some of the blogs I follow have not been showing up on my laptop, so I've missed a few of your posts. But so glad I saw this one about your fairy glen down by the creek. Our loved ones will always be around for us, where ever we are, such a lovely memory you have shared with us about your mother & godmother. Enjoy your weekend where ever you sit.

  6. Hi Barbara, I'm glad you liked my post. I agree, our loved ones will always be near us.


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