Friday, September 25, 2015

Chasing Faeries

"Malcolm, what are all these sparkly things?" said little Randy.
"They're Light Faeries, little brother," replied Malcolm. "And, they're verrry tricky to catch."
Alyce came in and looked, and listened, and sniffed.  Then she said, "Randy, these aren't Light Faeries.  They have no scent, they make no noise...they're just dots of light from the kitchen window."
Randy said, "But, but...I almost caught one!  I...oh, there goes another one!"
Malcolm said, "Alyce, I'm older than you, and I know these are Light Faeries.  Now, out of the way, little sister."
"Boys...big or little, they never listen!"


  1. OMG!! They are SO delightful! I love to see kitties at play - young and elder - ever the kitten, no matter the age :)
    Your kitty crew are adorable - wish I could visit you all on your magical mountain!

    And, it's very fortunate (for the fae) that they are so supernaturally fast :D

  2. Vicki, I wish you could visit, too!


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