Friday, September 18, 2015

Faeries Friday - Miss Bunn's Opinion

Hi - I'm Miss Fae Bunn, of the Alabama Bunns.  (If you're a human Alabama Bunn, we are not related). You might remember me from that tea party some time back?  Anyway, I just thought I'd drop in and say "Hey."  I sure am sad to see the summer leave...oh, I know Victoria, the lady whose studio I live in from time to time, loves the autumn and the winter, but not me.  Nooo, Bubba!  I like late spring and summer.  I mean, look at these flimsey lil' clothes I'm wearin'...not exactly cold weather attire, and faeries don't have as big a wardrobe as you might think.  I'm real glad Victoria keeps the studio warm!  So, bye for now.  I'll see y'all when the Lady of Spring starts bringin' the flowers back!


  1. Well, hello there, Miss Fae Bunn of the Alabama Bunns :)
    Like Victoria, I prefer the cooler weather ~ autumn especially.
    However, you do bring a sweet brightness to summer.
    I must admit, that without a summer, we wouldn't have roses - those beautiful blooms that so relish the heat and sunshine. So, I'm with you there.
    I just wish, like Victoria, that summer didn't bring such high, uncomfortable temperatures and even worse - bushfires.
    But, all the same, as we head into our summer down under, I'll keep your pretty face in mind and think of you among the roses.

  2. Well she is a sweetheart! I wish our fairies had such long ears ;)


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