Friday, March 29, 2013

Faeries Friday - In the Faery Forest

You can always tell when you've entered a part of the forest where faeries live, even if you don't see one.  How?  Sometimes there is a magical glow coming from certain parts of the trees and plants or perhaps that part of the forest looks greener than the rest.  There might be more flowers.  But for a sure way to tell, even when there are no other signs, look at the bark of the trees.  Oak, pine, dogwood, maple, whatever kinds of trees are in the forest where you live, you will see the shapes of faery faces or, sometimes, the outline of a faery wing or an entire faery.  How do the marks get there?  Love!  The trees love the faeries so much that, as they grow, they shape their bark into the images of faeries.  Of course, the marks aren't easy to see; the trees don't want everyone to be able to see them and know where the faeries live.  Soon the forest would be over-run with humans and the faeries would leave.  Faeries like humans, but not huge groups of them. 

So, the next time you're in the forest, sit down quietly and just gaze around randomly.  Soon you'll see the shapes. . . and if you're very lucky you might even see a real faery!

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  1. Dear Victoria - I am going out in my woods and do that very thing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo. Have a Happy Easter.


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