Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Change

Just a couple of days ago it looked like this up here.  (This was taken on Highway 18 just before the turn off to Lake Arrowhead).  But by today, most of the snow is gone except in the shadowed spots and our high was 59 degrees Fahrenheit! 

The creek is in a big hurry to meet up with the lake.  It's low for this time of year, though.  Usually most of the rocks are under water.  This has been a pretty dry winter, although a very cold one, with only a couple of big storms and a lot of 'nothing much' storms.  I'm still hoping we'll get some really big rain storms to fill up the creeks, springs and lakes, but I'm afraid we might have a very dry spring.  I'm hoping that I'm wrong!


  1. Ahhh beautiful, may u have a joyous spring :)

  2. Dear Victoria - catching up on all the posts I have missed on your blog. Been so busy doing nothing (LOL) - you live in a gorgeous part of the world and my soul is well fed when I visit you. Hope too you are wrong about the dry has not been a very wet winter here in my part of Ohio either - hoping like you we get lots of spring rain. Thanks for sharing your world today. God Bless.

  3. Our weather is playing with us too -- snow one day, highs in the sixties a few days later. Ah, Spring, such a tease!


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