Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Spring

Today is the Vernal Equinox (or spring: Vernal is Latin for 'spring') and the hours of day and night will be, more or less, equal.  The word 'equinox' also comes from a Latin word, aequinoctium, which means 'equal night.'  This morning at around 4 a.m. (here in California) the sun was directly over the equator so in the northern hemisphere our days will be getting longer, while in the southern hemisphere this is their autumn equinox and their days will be getting shorter.

There aren't many flowers here yet, but the Pink Sierra Currant bushes, the lilacs and a few of the cherry trees are putting out new little leaves.  Here in the mountains Spring is just as likely to bring heavy snow storms as it is warmth.  Last year some of my lilacs didn't bloom at all because of a vicious cold snap.  There are a few crocus in bloom though and the daffodil buds are getting bigger each day. 
I filled this bed with crocus last autumn, but these few were the only ones that came up.  I suspect some hungry little critter ate the rest.  I only hope the crocus bulbs didn't make whoever ate them ill, or worse!  This autumn I'll remember to surround the crocus bulbs with daffodil bulbs because critters never seem to bother the daffodils. 

Anyway, happy first day of Spring everyone!

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  1. So glad your hungry critters left a few behind (lol). Aren't crocus just the best? Thanks for bringing me some spring.


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