Friday, March 1, 2013

Faeries Friday - Morgana

I just got this little hand mirror today in the mail from Kirk's Folly.  They named her, so I'm sticking with that name even though she looks more like a 'Theda' to me.  (Please excuse the cat and dog hair on the black velour; you can't live in a house with this many fur babies and not have fur everywhere...sigh).

It reminds me of something that might have been created during the Art Nouveau period, sort of like the 'Belle de Nuit' pendant, ca 1900 -

I'm glad to have the little 'Morgana' hand mirror as I'm quite sure I could never afford anything that was really from the Art Nouveau period!


  1. Ok ... so now I'm sure we are soul sisters ... I love Kirks Folly and miss the "old" Kirks Folly when they were able to have a real fairy party on QVC years ago. I have tons of their old line when the jewelry was made in Providence RI and not China .. this mirror oozes their old and magical stuff. In fact I went a couple of times with my sisters to Providence to their warehouse sales and you wouldn't believe what I was able to get. And we got to meet all the Kirk family ... they were they to greet everybody who came, what a nice family. What a nice time we had ... alas one of my sisters has passed and way too young ... so many in my family have passed over in the last years it's been brutal ... but then I have to think how many people in the world have been suffering so much so I keep my chin up. Also, my very favorite period for jewelry and clothes is the Art Nouveau period.

    Thanks for this post, dear friend.

    Love and Goddess Blessings,

  2. Jan, I never doubted for a moment that we are soul sisters! I miss the old days of Kirks Folly on QVC, too. Such gorgeous extravaganzas! Lucky you, getting to meet the Kirks and go to the factory sales. Like you, I've been collecting their things since the mid 1980's.

  3. ME too!I love Kirks Folly! If I would have seen the show they had the mirror on I would have ordered it.I love her home decor line even more than the jewelry.I have a wonderful wreath and a darling thimble.Hugs Denise

  4. Oh, that is so beautiful! So glad you found it!

  5. Denise, I got the hand mirror from the Kirks Folly website, not QVC. Kirks has a show on tomorrow at 3 A.M. ( !!!! ) on QVC. QVC schedules Kirks Folly shows either so late or so early I've just about given up watching and buy from their website instead.

    Vicki, thank you!


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