Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sunlight

I took this in March of last year.  The light on the Lunaria pod caught my attention first, then I noticed the delicate tracery made by the empty husks.  It's also known as the Silver Dollar plant and Money Plant and, probably, by many other names.  It grows wild all over up here in the late spring and early summer and I'm looking forward to seeing great swathes of its pretty blooms later this spring.  Here's what it looks like when it's blooming:


  1. I love the Lunaria. I have some in the garden and always look forward to the silver coins in the fall.

  2. Dear Victoria - it does grow here as well...just have never started it in my woods - but think I shall.

  3. I love pictures and I love the way u have used the play of natural light while capturing these pictures, kudos :)


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