Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn's Spell

Autumn leaves cast a spell... 
over me, anyway!  :D
I can't stop photographing them and collecting them, thinking that next autumn the foliage might not be so pretty.  And, really, every autumn is different, no guarantees of great color each time. 
I feel such a sense of urgency in the autumn, common to a lot of species I suppose.  The urge to make everything ready for the coming winter has never been one I could ignore. Winters up here aren't what they used to be, but still I make sure the woodpile has plenty of dried, split and stacked wood, the pantry has plenty of everything (even though the supermarket is twenty minutes away, unless we get such a huge snowfall that the roads are blocked - we should be so lucky) and the garden, such as it was this year, is put to bed. 
Nothing compared to what my ancestors used to have to do to prepare for winter, but enormously satisfying all the same.


  1. Oh, autumn leaves cast a delicious spell over me too :)
    It is like magic, how they turn from green, to golds, to reds and ochres. So special - no other season can compare.

    I think it's good to prepare and be ready. One can really never tell what nature will throw at us - she likes to challenge us, I think :)

  2. A gorgeous golden fae this is. I hope the artist continues to create more loveliness.


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