Saturday, October 10, 2015

Strange Times

When I first glanced up at this tree I thought it was covered with a swarm of butterflies.

I took a closer look and saw that it was a few of the tree's leaves changing color. 
Autumn is persevering in spite of the unseasonably hot temperatures.  The highs should be in the fifties for this time of year, with lows in the mid-thirties.  We had a few days like that, but today the high was in the mid-seventies!  The weather people are saying that the storm that was here last week, now over Texas, will back up and give us rain next week!  The rain would be most welcome, but I can't ever remember a storm backing up.  These are strange times indeed...


  1. Ah Victoria I think the weather patterns are indeed strange. Hope you do get that much needed rain. Love your photos of the turning leaves. Yes they are changing color in spite of the warm temperatures. Maybe they know something we don't! Hugs

  2. I agree. The weather is erratic over here too. Wish it would be more "stable" though, we've had some strange atmospheric conditions...


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