Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Sunlight

Sunbeams.  Happily, there aren't any sunbeams around today because it's raining!  It started during the night, then tapered off, but we're supposed to get more after 5 p.m. today.  I sure hope so.  We haven't had any Santa Ana winds yet, but they're forecast to blow next weekend.  When they blow the wildfire danger is horrendous.  Any rain we get now might help to offset that danger.  Right now, though, it's wonderful to look out the windows and see the pines and cedars dripping with rain...


  1. What a breathtaking sight this is, Victoria. Just beautiful.
    We also had a little welcome rain today.

  2. Pure forest gold.
    I'm so glad you have rain, Victoria, and I send out thoughts to the Universe that it continues to dampen your magical mountain, keeping it safe.

    We've had dreadful winds today, with high temperatures for mid spring, and already they have claimed a property through fire.
    Tomorrow will also be hot and windy, we're on alert.

    Thankfully, it should cool down on Wednesday, but sadly, fire season has begun early.

  3. Victoria just the best news to read you are getting rain. It is such a lovely site when it has been so dry. Enjoy your wet day. Hugs

  4. I'm always happy to hear you're having rain!


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