Thursday, October 15, 2015

Out Driving Around...

I could only find two houses with Halloween decorations!
One was in Lake Arrowhead, the other in Running Springs.  So many homes up here are only summer homes, but usually the year-rounders have up more decorations by now...I plan to keep looking!

We got more rain :) last night, but the thunder and lightening were terrible.  I have the news on right now, and out in Palmdale (in the desert to the north of us) they had flash floods and hail just a few minutes ago!  Lots of cars stuck in mud but, so far, no one hurt, thank Goodness.  I guess crazy weather is the new normal...

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  1. Even here, crazy is the new normal :)

    Perhaps people are working up to decorating - it seems like a lot of work, as so many yards and homes are filled with delightfully scary props.
    I'd love to experience an American Halloween - must be fun!


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