Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chasing Clouds

I love this time of year when huge thunderhead clouds (the big ones are called Cumulonimbus, the smaller ones are called Cumulus Congestus, but we've always just called them 'thunderheads') form over the mountain range I live in and the ranges to the south and east. The picture above is looking south to Mt. San Jacinto, 10,834 feet in elevation, located in the San Jacinto mountain range in Riverside County.

Looking to the northeast over Lake Arrowhead.

Looking west to Mt. San Antonio, elevation 10,064 feet. It's also called Mt. Baldy and isn't actually visible in this photo; it's just off to the left. It's located in the San Gabriel mountain range in Los Angeles County.

More thunderheads over Lake Arrowhead.

The top of a really big Cumulonimbus. We actually got a little bit of rain from this, although there were also several small fires started today because of the lightening that always accompanies thunderheads. God/dess bless our firefighters, they got them out quickly. Sometimes I can see the lightening occurring inside the thunderheads and it doesn't connect with the ground at all. That, of course, is my favorite kind of lightening because it's pure beauty with no danger of fire!

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