Friday, July 22, 2011

Faeries Friday - Lily of the Valley

This is the Lily of the Valley goblet (they named her) made by Kirks Folly. I think I've posted about them before, probably their wonderful moon wind chimes and moon and faerie jewelry.

I've collected a set of eight of these goblets over several years. Each one is different. Whoever designed them was very clever; the glass part unscrews from the goblet base and can go in the dishwasher! And, they made replacements for the glass part in case of breakage. I bought 20 replacement pieces because I use these goblets when I have faerie parties for my young great and great-great nieces and little fingers (even big fingers) aren't always the steadiest. I'll eventually post pictures of all of the goblets, if I can manage to get half-way decent photos. It's so hard to get the lighting right, plus I need to find my tripod. I didn't use it for these two photos, as I'm sure you can tell...


  1. What a gorgeous goblet. A great idea to have the glass part unscrew. I've never heard of anything like that. I must have a look at that link to where you bought them.

  2. OC, I think they sell them on QVC also. And check the Kirks Folly website during each season; they offer different goblets during different seasons.


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