Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mrs. Rachael Littleface Needs Good Wishes

This is Mrs. Rachael Littleface. She needs your healing prayers, good wishes, good vibes, whatever you can send her way. She is one of the feral cats I have been trying to catch for two years now. She has a terrible abscess on her right cheek, which I just saw last night. The whole right side of her precious little face is horribly swollen and it looks like the abscess might be draining a bit.

What makes this so dangerous for her is that it's in a place that she cannot reach to lick clean. She needs antibiotics, and possibly a drain put in, but I know that will never happen. Plus, she is pregnant.

So, please send healing thoughts and prayers her way. (I could use some inspirational thoughts on how to catch her; the Have-A-Heart trap I've tried repeatedly won't work because she won't get into it).


  1. What a dilemma. Making sure she has plenty of nourishing food available is all I can think of. Could an antibiotic be hidden in said food?

  2. oh my..I will pray for this precious cat and her babies
    I would try putting it in her food
    what could it hurt
    maybe it will open and drain by itself
    I hope you can rescue the kittens if she stays well
    oh dear I have a long history with feral cats...they break your heart sometimes...good luck

  3. Vicki and Suz, thank you for your good thoughts. I have tried putting the Amoxicillan in her food, but she wouldn't eat it.

    I saw her again last night and her facial swelling has gone down a bit, so I'm praying that the abscess is going to drain on its own.

  4. Chances are that the swelling will break open letting it drain however, it could close up before completely drained and start filling up again. I've had trouble getting my cats to take antibiotics so what I've found works every time is.....I buy a small can of tuna or salmon, mix the antibiotic in some of it along with some of the juice that is in with the fish. Apparently the strong flavor and smell of the fish can mask the smell of the antibiotic. It may be worth a try.


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