Friday, July 15, 2011

Faeries Friday - Akiha and Akiye

Akiha is on the left (her name means 'Autumn Leaf' in Japanese) and Akiye is on the right. (Her name means 'Autumn Painting' in Japanese).

They were sent to me for my birthday last year by my dear friend who lives in Alaska. She named them and told me what their names mean, but forgot to tell me how to pronounce them. And, of course, every time we have a phone visit I forget to ask her.

My friend doesn't have a computer (GASP!) nor does she want one, or I'd e-mail her. Instead, we write letters to each other in between our phone visits. Actual, on paper with pen and ink, letters. I have to admit, I really enjoy getting a letter by 'snail' mail, and I also enjoy writing letters to her. It's a dying art...


  1. Beautiful fairies. You must have quite a collection. There's nothing better than getting a letter by snail mail. To pick it up in your hands, carry it to where you sit and have a nice read. I don't suppose the young people today will ever experience this. I expect even to get a birthday or other occasion card in the mail will soon be a rare thing. Even books, the smell and feel of them. Oh dear, I do go on when I comment on your blog and here I am, usually a person of very few words.

  2. OC, I love reading your comments, you could not 'go on' too long for me!


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