Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just in Time

Spring is flying along so fast here.  I almost missed getting a photo of some pussy willows that were still in their little grey fuzzy stage.  I posted a photo a few days ago and they weren't even AT the little grey fuzzy stage yet. They're really in a rush this year to elongate and burst into minuscule yellow blooms (left click; you'll be able to see the little yellow flowers much better).  I like the way they look best before they start elongating and opening the yellow blooms.  Once they've done that they look, to me, rather strange.  And, those little yellow flowers make me sneeze like crazy.


  1. Wow, they're lovely.
    I can see why there have been poems and songs about pussy willows. Very sweet.
    I like the look of them in their "velvety" stage just as they seem to be budding on the branch.

  2. Vicki, when ever I see pussy willows, I know that spring is well and truly here. Do you have pussy willows in Australia?


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