Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Windy This, Hot That

It was cool and cloudy here today, a welcome relief from the unseasonable warmth of the past couple of days.  A chill wind from the west blew all day, but most of the apple branches managed to hold on to their blossoms. 

But tomorrow the heat comes back, along with very unwelcome Santa Ana winds.  Santa Ana winds, which come in from the east over the Mojave desert, equal high fire danger and usually we don't see them until October.  Crazy and rather frightening.

Tonight, I'm enjoying the cool, slightly damp weather with a small fire in the living room fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.  Tomorrow I'll probably have to open all the windows and make a big pitcher of sweet tea (really strong iced tea with tons of sugar, Southern-style like my mother used to make). 

Ah, well....the warmth will make the lilac and pine scent in the air that much stronger.  I just hope the winds don't blow all the lilac and apple blossoms away! 


  1. I know those hot winds that bring with them the ever-present threat of potential fire.
    Every Summer, I hold my breath until the rains come.
    I wish a safe season for you and your magical homeland, Victoria :)

  2. Strange weather, indeed. But the fire and the cup of cocoa sound quite inviting.

  3. Vicki, thank you so much. During our winter my heart always goes out to Australia because our climates are almost exactly alike and I know there have been devastating wildfires there, too. I hope you have a good rainy season, so the threat of wildfires will be non-existent!

    Vicki L, I did enjoy the fire and the cocoa last night, but today I'm drinking sweet tea, just as I predicted. Of course, sweet tea is never a bad thing!

  4. I hope you keep safe from wildfires. I can't imagine living with that ever present danger.
    Enjoy the fragrant lilacs - is there any smell sweeter?


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