Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sunlight - Glow


  1. Oh, and speaking of painterly flowers, here is a beautiful purple pansy! One that echoes the lovely faery's wings in your previous post - well, to me it does :D

    And, do I see here the wisp of a shadow of a wee faery caught in the sunlit glow? I like to think so ;)

  2. Oh, how beautiful ... since I'm unable to have flowers flourish here I so enjoy your pictures.

    Happiness always,

  3. The difference the light makes! Beautiful capture!

  4. Pansies may be small but in the spring they certainly reign!! So beautiful my friend.

  5. Vicki, I thought I saw a faery floating about, too...

    Jan, I'm glad my photos of flowers bring you a little happiness, especially with what you are going through.

    Vicki L. and Debbie, I'm happy you liked the photo, thank you for your kind words!


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