Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today Was Lady Bug Day!

Every year I watch for the Lady Bugs to hatch in the spring.  Today was the day!  They hibernate in great numbers under logs and other places and, when the time is right, they wake up (or maybe the previous generation has laid eggs and they hatched, I'll have to look this up) and fly about in great numbers in the sunny spots between the trees. 

When I saw little flashes of red zooming here and there, I hurried outside to mist the leaves in my garden with water.  I read somewhere, I forget where, that Lady Bugs like a drink when they are first out and, if you provide that drink for them they'll stay in your garden and eat all the aphids.  It seems to work for me, but that could be because the creek is so nearby and they can get a drink from the wet rocks.  Either way, I'm glad they're back...aphids, watch out!


  1. Your picture makes these lady bugs look so beautiful, I have always been scared of them though.

  2. Kyra, the lady bugs we have here are really small - less than one quarter of an inch in length. Also, they don't bite. But, I know there are many kinds of lady bugs; if you have the bigger, biting kind in India I would be afraid of them, too!

  3. Sadly, we don't see very many of these sweet critters where we are.

    So, I always feel 'honoured' whenever a ladybug sits on me. Don't know why, perhaps I think she will dust me with a little luck on that day :)

  4. I enjoy seeing ladybugs in my garden as well. I just never paid attention to when they came and went. Also didn't know they would control aphids. Thank you for making me see another beautiful part of nature.


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