Friday, August 2, 2013

Faeries Friday - Rose

Rose flew in during the middle of July and promptly enchanted one of my roses so it looked like it was made of bronze.  Now she sits on it during the day, pretending to be made out of bronze, too.

The rabbits are having none of it.  They know what she really is since they are a little magical themselves.  All of the faeries that live here, and all of the bunnies, disguising themselves as little figurines during the day light hours, are quick to leave the house as soon as the sun sets.  They play in the light of the moon, if She is out, or make their own light if She is not.  I'm sure you've seen little lights twinkling about in the dark out of the corner of your eye, haven't you?  Now you know what they are!  (If you didn't already...and I bet you did).


  1. Ahhh, that tell-tale twinkle from the corner of one's eye!
    Your mantle is home to magical beings indeed, Victoria :)

    I love rabbits - my Chinese zodiac animal. And hares... the moon gazers.
    Would like to create a moon-gazy hare from clay one day.

  2. Vicki, that's what I tell my youngest relatives...almost everything in my home, this forest, the world, is magical.
    They all believe when they're young; some of them, the ones with magic in their hearts and eyes that truly see, believe it all their lives...

    I would love to see your moon-gazing hare! Make one soon! ;)


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