Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rushing Autumn

I found some candy corn (already, yippee) at the store and a bunch of orange roses, so I decided to put them on the table in my little foyer (is it pronounced 'foy-yay' or 'foy-er'?)  The bowl was full of candy corn when I started taking photos, but someone ate half of it when I wasn't looking!  Probably one of the cats.  Yeah, I'm sure it was one of the cats.

Georgie: "That sounds a little fishy, Mom."  

Lars Olaf: "Mouse droppings, that's what it is, PURE MOUSE DROPPINGS!  Cats don't eat candy corn!" 

Timothy: "Mommy, you told a lie.  I'm calling the cops." 

Oh, all right!  I give up, I ate the candy corn!


  1. Haha! Had a good chuckle! Love your cats, they're gorgeous. They should have their own series - "pur-fect moments" or something.
    Lars Olaf has amazing blue eyes!
    Those roses are just lovely, lovely! To think, you found them at the local store?

    Foyer - I think it's a case of, "you say tom-ayto, I say tom-ahto..." :)
    I've heard it said both ways. I think, foy-yay is more in line with french.
    So, foy-yer and foy-yay are correct.

    And, we Aussies can be a little lazy with our speech. So, I also hear, foy-yah, lol.

    I've seen candy corn, but it isn't common over here. What does it taste like?
    It seems so synonymous with Halloween. A holiday I envy and would love to experience.

  2. Vicki, thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed the post. I think Lars Olaf must have a Siamese ancestor somewhere!

    The local grocery up here has a wonderful selection of flowers...sometimes! It's not always a sure thing, and the flower bunches are usually better than their arrangements, so I grab one when I see it. Curiously, I can't bring myself to cut flowers, but I figure since these are already cut...

    I think that from now on I'll say 'foy-yah,' too,lol.

    The taste of candy corn...hmmmm...hard to describe. It's mainly just sweet, with a taste of honey and a tiny bit of saltness. I buy the kind made by Brach's, but I think they are all pretty similar. Thinking about it, I don't really know why it's taste is so addicting, but it is!

    AND...gasp...Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween?!? You must come here some Halloween! I think here in the states Halloween is the most celebrated holiday, even more so than Christmas (which is actually my favorite holiday; but Halloween is a very close second).

  3. Sadly no, Halloween isn't recognised at all over here.
    Very disappointing.
    Some people - usually households with children - make a "sort of" effort with decorating, but it's all just for the one night and taken down the next day - so people don't go to the effort just for that.

    From what I see/hear, Halloween starts weeks before in the US and everyone gets right into the "spirit" (pun intended) of celebrating. Shops, communities, houses, everywhere!
    So cool.

    My dream would be to visit the US from mid-October and stay til Christmas is over.
    You guys really know how to celebrate and everything looks so beautiful.
    And, just once, I'd love to celebrate a Christmas that was "traditional".
    With no flies, extreme stifling heat and sunburn :)

  4. Yes, we start putting up our Autumn/Halloween decorations around the second week in September. Christmas goes up mid-November.

    Vicki, if you ever get the chance to make your dream a reality, come visit me!

  5. Sorry for the late reply, Victoria. But, if I do ever get the chance, I'd love to visit you on your magical mountain :)
    Maybe even in time to help with Halloween decorations!


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