Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great Expectations

Mrs. Rose is expecting babies!  I think, judging by her roundness, she'll be giving birth any day now.  If you have them to spare, please send Mrs. Rose good thoughts for an easy delivery of healthy babies.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get photos of them when she starts bringing them around for a peanut snack; baby skunks are soooo cute! 


  1. OOOOh! You are SO lucky to have a beauty such as Mrs Rose come pay visits!!
    She is adorable! I wish I cold see a skunk, they look so fascinating - and the coat, so stunning!

    How close does she let you come to her? She's obviously very comfortable with you :)
    Does a skunk only give off their scent/smell when threatened, as a defence mechanism?

    Sorry for the questions, but I don't know of anyone who has been so near to one!

    Your home is TRULY a wildlife wonderland Victoria :)

  2. Good thoughts on the way to Mrs. Rose for a safe and easy delivery! Can't wait to see pictures of her baby skunks. I bet they are adorable.

    Hugs, Viv

  3. Victoria - Ms. Rose is getting my best thoughts...hope you do get pictures of the babies. My hubby once rescued an orphan and gave it to my brother. Unfortunately little one didn't last long after being descented...we sure loved him though while he was with us. Take care and have a blessed week-end.

  4. Vicki, she lets me get very close. When I'm sitting on the steps or in a patio chair in the evening she'll brush against my leg like a cat. Some of the other skunks do this, too. All skunks are pretty docile, as long as one doesn't move quickly or shout. I just love them. They only spray as a last resort to save their lives, as it's the only defense they have.

    Viv, I hope I can get those pictures!

    Debbie, it's illegal in California to keep a skunk as a pet, but I've heard that they make wonderful pets. They're so sweet, I can see why. I'm sorry little one died so soon.

    Thank you all for your good wishes for Mrs. Rose!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this information, Victoria. I had NO idea!
    Over here, all we see are skunks "reputations" in movies and TV shows - which is fairly negative I'm afraid.

    How wonderful to know that they are docile, in trusted company.
    And, so, so sweet to know that Mrs Rose and friends actually rub against your leg!
    Now, I'm even more besotted with skunks :)

    Warm wishes and hopes for a gentle birthing to Mrs Rose, may all her babies be healthy and thrive x

  6. oh I'll be waiting to see the babies
    We had a skunk visit us nightly
    it came right up to the patio cats first alerted me
    I thought at first it was a big black and white cat
    When I turned the light on..oops
    not a kitty but a skunkie
    We got right up to the glass and watched as she ate food we left out for our feral cat...
    she came around for about 2 weeks

  7. Vicki, thank you for your good wishes for Mrs. Rose.

    Suz, my first close encounter with a skunk was many years ago when I saw what I thought was a black and white cat on our porch. I'm extremely nearsighted and didn't have my glasses on, but I opened the door anyway and bent down to pet the 'kitty.' Imagine my surprise when my eyes finally focused and I found I was facing the business end of a skunk! LOL. It didn't seem to bother the skunk at all to be petted by a stupid human...


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