Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh, How I Wish...

...the forest was looking like this today.   The color intensified on the trees after an early autumn rain, clouds drifting down from the sky to weave their way through the trees.  Of course, it's way too early for the trees to be turning colors, although a few leaves on some of the dogwoods are already coloring up.  I don't know if that's because it's been so dry or if they're in as big a hurry for autumn to get here as I am!  I took this photo in November of 2010, the last autumn we had that was anything like autumn used to be up here.  The ones since then have been hot and dry.  But...maybe that means that we're due for another sort of 'normal' one!


  1. What a beautiful image. The colours and the fog. Mountain magic.

    I so hope that there will be a return to an "autumn of old" for you this season - a cool, crisp, mist laden, dew drenched change... very, very soon.

    Because, I want to enjoy autumn, vicariously, through your wonderful photos, Victoria :)

    Autumn is my favourite season, and to see it in its splendour on your beautiful mountain, would be something else!

  2. Such a beautiful picture -- makes me think of Lothlorien.

    We are beginning to see some leaves coloring a bit -- and the air is feeling Fallish after a bit of brutal heat and humidity.

  3. Vicki, if this autumn isn't pretty, I'll post photos from past autumns. But you know how much I'm hoping for a wet autumn!

    Vicki, I'm glad your bit of heat and humidity is over.

  4. Ah how beautiful...definitely a place I would love to walk. Even though it is warm in the afternoons here the mornings are really cool and the leaves are gathering and starting to change. Next week it is Sept. Where oh where did the summer go!!


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