Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Collections...and Two (so far) Earthquakes

Toy animals dressed in their Christmas best. 
And Santa figurines (there are lots more that aren't in this photo)
And, of course, ornaments...
The pink bell is nearly as old as the blue glass ornament (hanging from the wreath in the photo of the animals on the mantle).  Grandma Edwards gave my mother a set of four to give to me three months before I was born.
My husband and I bought this one for our second Christmas together.  We had one from 1977 but that one met it's end at the paws of a cat around 1983. 
And this darling little squirrel is the newest.  She came to live with us this December.

Well.  There was just an earthquake here.  The news said it was a 4.3 centered in Devore, which is to the south west of here.  And an aftershock just now...I hate these things!  Boy, they feel like they're really close to the surface.  I think the tree would have fallen over if we hadn't already wired it to the ceiling to stop the cats from knocking it over, it was such a sharp, strong jolt.  California...I'm thinking seriously of severing our relationship!  (Update, aftershock was 3.8). 


  1. Your Christmas Collections are a pure delight, Victoria! I feel like a little girl, smiling at all your beautiful decorations and sweetly dressed animals.
    Like in a faery tale.
    I'll bet the wee folk are attracted to the sparkly lights and like to peek in the windows to oooh and aaah over the spendour within :)

    Earthquakes! As if fires aren't enough!
    And, they're not tiny tremors either!
    May there be a circle of protection around your mountain home to keep you all safe from harm.

  2. they are old friends aren't they...these ornaments....some I squeal with glee at seeing them again..as I have forgotten them....Ah Christmas...a time to kindle and rekindle love.....Happy New Year

  3. Beautiful decorations! Hope there have been no more earthquakes!


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