Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas With the Cats

On Christmas morning the kitties get their stockings... 
Well, the contents of the stockings. 
They used to get the entire stocking, but it's expensive replacing stockings each year. 
Also, cat-sized Christmas stockings are hard to find, and replacing them each year didn't allow for a continuation of tradition.  They all reveled in the catnip stuffed, squeaking faux mice...
For five, brief minutes.
Then they went back to playing with their, apparently, favorite toys. 
The plastic rings from the milk bottles! 
They play with these things 24/7, 365.  Mom and Dad Santa thought they'd love their catnip squeaky mice.  Not forever, but we sure thought the new toys would hold their attention for longer than five minutes! 
I give up.


  1. Haha! Kitties sure aren't predictable!
    Perhaps, they get such a high from sniffing the catnip, that when they get their fill of it, they turn their attention to the bottle rings and see them in a whole new light! lol.

    Your cats sure are beautiful, happy and extremely healthy looking.
    A very merry crew they are :)

    May this coming year keep you all safe, well and very happy on your wonderful mountain.
    Fires and 'quakes begone!

  2. So cute!

    Haha, good point Vicki, they are probably so high the milk rings seem to hold the secrets of the universe!


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