Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Wishes and Hopes

It's very cold here today, and the wind sighing through the tall pines and cedars makes it even colder.  All the decorating is done.  Cookies baked, fudge made, presents wrapped.  It feels like it could start snowing any minute, and that is what the weather people are predicting for tonight.  I hope they're right, even if it makes getting to midnight mass a little tricky.  I wish everyone a peace-full, joy-filled Christmas. ♥ 

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  1. Oh Victoria, your day and Christmas eve sound perfect!
    How I wish I could hear the winter wind through the trees as the temperature drops. I love a sighing wind.

    We're having another heatwave here.
    The emergency sirens have sounded twice today as small fires were deliberately lit. It's windy too, so more of a concern.

    Christmas under a sweltering sun where no one is interested in anything more than a nibble of something cold and ice cream is not my idea of a festive feast, so to read about yours is idyllic.

    May your day be merry and bright! Stay safe as you go about your travels.
    Kisses to darling Mrs. Rose and all the sweet creatures on your magical mountain.


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