Friday, December 11, 2015

Wonderful December Weather

We got a bit of snow today... 
It was really coming down hard for a little while.
It had rained for most of last night (yay!) but, wonderfully, it turned to snow late this morning.  Well, snow and hail, more hail than snow, but's all pretty.
We had thunder with the snow today, too.  The weather people are saying that we have another chance of snow on Sunday...I hope they're right!


  1. Oh Victoria You are so blessed to live in Crestline.I've always wanted to live in Our Mountains since I was Young.I grew up in Whittier but we vacationed in Big Bear every Year.

  2. Oh! I WISH I was there!! It looks beautiful. Sigh...
    Thunder and snow. To me, I couldn't imagine anything finer. To stare out a window onto these icing sugar views, listening to the sky grumble and be sipping on a mug of mulled wine.
    Victoria's Magical Mountain.

    ~Wishing warm, safe havens for all the wonderful creatures on your mountain.


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