Thursday, December 17, 2015

Strange Lights

I kept seeing these pesky lights when I was photographing a cute chickadee...
Little blobs of orange, or gold or red light...
How strange!  Were there chickadee assassinating squirrels lurking around with laser scopes on their tiny  rifles?  Were there radioactive bugs flitting around?  Were they minuscule alien space ships? Had I hit my head really hard on something and didn't realize it???
They didn't show up in this photo.  
I finally realized, after amusing myself with a couple of other ridiculous reasons for the lights, that they were reflections of Christmas tree lights on the window that I was shooting through, and they didn't show up in the photo of the Steller's Jay because I shot that one from a different angle.  But, now I can't get the image of gun toting squirrels stalking through the trees out of my head....


  1. Haha! Now there are images of cute, but deadly, gun toting squirrels in my head too!

    Gorgeous birds. Love that dusky blue...

  2. I can't get rid of that squirrel image either, so funny!

  3. Good evening Victoria,
    Now that was funny! I hope life is treating you well... I have been off the computer for a while.
    Wanted to stop in and say hello...
    Enjoy your weekend.


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