Sunday, August 17, 2008

Full Moon Musings

I can never stay inside on a full moon night, as long as the sky is clear. Something about the moon when she is full calls to some ancient  memory within me.     
To me, as to so many other women, the moon represents the feminine aspect of God.  To stand in her silver light is to feel a calm blessing washing over me.
I also think of her as 'Grandmother Moon' which is what my Cherokee and Oglala Sioux ancestors called her for thousands of years.  We still call her by that name.  The sun is Grandfather Sun, then there is Mother Earth and Father Sky.  But Grandmother Moon has the strongest claim on my heart and spirit.
So, on the nights when the moon turns water into liquid silver and paints the trees and ground with her luminescent, magical light, I take a "time out" from my life and enjoy soaking up the moonlight and the subtle, calm magic such a night can bring.
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