Friday, August 11, 2017


I spotted a hang glider today... 
It must be wonderful gliding around... 
It looks like the hang glider was really close to the clouds, but they were off a little to the east of Big Bear. 
She (or he) flew off to the west, into the brightness of the sun, but not, presumably, to the same fate as Icarus. 

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Sunlight

A bit of early autumn...not sure if it's heat stress that caused the colors or the couple of cool nights we've had recently. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sky Watching

It's been mostly cloudy here lately, but with very little rain.  The clouds were hanging around to the east and west of Red Rock Wall (it's a turnout on Highway 18 constructed from red rock, making it easy for the locals in the 1930's to give it a nickname).  The photo above is looking east.
This one is looking west towards the San Gabriel mountains.  Wrightwood, which is in the San Gabriels, got so much rain yesterday there was flooding!  I wish that would have happened for my beloved San Bernardino mountain range, but I'm glad it happened for them.
This one is looking down at the San Bernardino valley through the brown smear of smog that is so prevalent down there this time of year.  In the autumn when the Santa Ana winds have scoured the air clean it is sometimes possible to see all the way to Catalina Island (about 126 miles from this turnout).
Zooming in a little on the San Gabriels and that beautiful blue sky.  Even with the high fire danger and overcrowding in the summer and on holidays,  I love living up here.

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