Saturday, April 28, 2018

Birds, Blooms and Bees

Spring is going full speed ahead here in the mountains where I live.
That's a House Finch in the top photo and a Black Headed Grosbeak in the second photo. 
The nursery has beautiful pink dogwoods for sale.  I bought one years ago from a different nursery, but when it bloomed the following year it was white, so I'm a little leery of buying another one. 
The forest is looking beautiful this time of year. 
And baby oak leaves are popping out everywhere. 

Wisteria is blooming at the local gas station and mini mart, and the bees are loving it. 

Lilacs are blooming all around my cottage, and I'm loving that!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

This Tuesday

Lilacs are blooming, so I picked some for my studio.  The air up here smells wonderful right now with lilacs blooming all over, and temperatures warm enough to release the scents of the pines and cedars. 
Cherry trees are blooming over by the old Ice Castle in Blue Jay. 
And this is what I had for breakfast; Octavia Earl Grey Lavender Tea and a cream cheese pastry.  Yum! 

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Spotty Spring

The first Grosbeak of the year arrived a couple of days ago, and I was so glad to see him!  (Excuse the bad quality photo; I took the picture through a window with my iPhone X.  In fact, all of the following photos were taken with doesn't do too badly for a camera phone).
It's been an interesting week, but typical of Spring.  Fruit trees blossoming one day.
Fog the next day, so cold that the trees out on the rim (Hwy 18) were iced.
So pretty to see.
And, it's interesting how some of the branches were untouched by the ice. 
 The next day was gorgeous, but chilly, with high winds pushing the clouds around.  (That's Lake Silverwood in the photo). 
The Lunaria (Money Plant and Honesty are some other names for it) was undaunted by all the weather extremes.  Spring is kind of spotty up here so far.  My lilacs have buds but no blooms yet, but I saw lilacs that were already in bloom in some places, and it's the same for all of the other blooming things in these mountains. 

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