Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm Still Here!

I finally got an antique desk for my home office to house my computer, so hopefully I'll be blogging a little more regularly. We've been having lots of beautiful thunderclouds from July through August, but they have only given us 2 tenths of an inch of rain.  Talk about stingy!
I've been working in my studio and back garden, making cards, painting and growing flowers. 
Taking walks through the forest... 
and taking lots and lots of photos.  I mostly take them with my iPhone X nowadays, but I'm finding that although it takes good photos for a phone, it really can't match my Nikon and Canon cameras. 
The hydrangeas were beautiful this summer, but they've all turned green now. 
I bought a new rose bush, "Frida Kahlo" and she is wonderful!  Lots of blooms, great scent, and the blooms vary in color. 
The wild blackberries are ripening all over these mountains.
The shops up here have their fall things on display.
The temperatures are dropping, especially at night, and the kitties are staying cozy.  (That's Sophia wearing more stripes than usual). 
Stella looks like she's getting ready for Halloween! 
And there have been lots of beautiful sunsets at Lake Gregory. 

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