Saturday, October 27, 2018

This 'n That

This Northern Flicker was posing on my bird feeder so, of course, I took a photo!
Lake Arrowhead was looking especially beautiful yesterday.
My cottage is all ready for Halloween. 
The color of the trees up here this autumn are really spectacular.
This photo is from five years ago when Alyce was a kitten.  She just loved playing in the Halloween tree! 

I hope everyone has a great Halloween and, if you have critters, be sure to keep your pets inside to keep them safe. 

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Skywatch Friday

Autumn is well under way up here in these mountains. 
The cooler temperatures remind the forest creatures that they need to fatten up for winter, but I think if these raccoons and skunks were any fatter they might burst!
Preparations for Halloween are all done, although if I get any trick or treaters I'll be surprised.  Last year I got exactly none.  Back when my husband used to make the yard into a haunted house we got them by the hundreds.  The churches and the merchants of the little village I live in do quite a bit for Halloween, so perhaps the parents just feel it's better not to let their children go to strangers' houses.  I hope your Halloween, if you celebrate it, is a good one for you!

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Sunday, October 14, 2018


I said in my last post that I'm back and could post more often...well, something must have heard me that didn't want me to post, because two days later I somehow injured my back and was laid up until now.  It's feeling better, but I still can't sit for long periods.  That's Alyce Eloise in the photo getting ready to leap up on her cat tree.  I wish I could be as flexible, graceful and athletic as my cats!
We're getting some pretty autumn colors up here and we even got over an inch of rain yesterday!
I've been doing some fall decorating and it's been cool enough for a fire in the evenings.
Malcolm thinks he's helping... 

Clouds receding over Lake Arrowhead.  Hopefully, this will be a really wet winter for Southern California, we need it! 

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