Friday, February 19, 2010


This afternoon beautiful rain-laden clouds started gathering above the mountains where I live.  We are to have rain first, then snow.  By dusk the clouds had closed ranks and the sky was a solid tapestry of various beautiful grays.  Accompanied by the music of a cold wind from the north singing in the tall pines, I put out food for all the various wildings I feed and made sure the bedding in the feral cats' houses was clean and dry. 

Now, after feeding those of us who live inside, I listen to the north wind serenade me with its chilly voice while sitting beside a warming fire of oak and pine.  Drinking a cup of hot chocolate topped by an indecent amount of whipped cream, I listen more intently; underneath the music of the wind, I can hear the murmuring of the creek.  It hasn't (oddly) frozen solid yet, but its voice is the slow, muted speech of one nearly asleep. Cats, dogs and husband are asleep.  Wind, creek, and fire song weave together to form a deep peace that wraps around me like a thick, soft blanket.

And, ahhh, here comes the rain...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Backyard Bird Count, 2010

Somehow, I don't think this was quite what they had in mind.  This is Jackie, one of our little ferals, desperately trying to convince the birds to "come closer, come visit me, I won't hurt you! me."  I know she's not hungry, because she just ate two cans of Fancy Feast that I put out for her. 

I think the Chickadee is saying, "You think we're dumb?  We didn't just pop out of the egg yesterday, you know!"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Miss Birdie?

I hope this little birdie enjoys the sunshine while she can.  It was beautiful here today, but tomorrow we're supposed to get another 10 to 15 inches of snow.  The snow has melted off the trees, but we still have several feet on the ground.  All of our lakes up here are  full to overflowing, which is so wonderful!  Last Autumn they were down by 5 to 6 feet, and looking rather sad.  

Hopefully, I'll be inspired soon to write about something besides the weather.  If my mind were a sailboat, I'd say it's becalmed, wrapped in thick layers of fog, not a ripple to indicate any activity.  This usually happens to me around this time of year, I don't know why.  My grandmothers and mother would say I need a tonic, but right now I can't even remember what that tonic would be.  I'll have to go have a look in the books they left soon as I can persuade my body, which feels as sluggish as my mind, to move.  

I wonder what Miss Birdie (one of the characters in Vicki Lane's excellent books; visit her blog, the link is on my sidebar) would recommend?  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A friend said in response to my previous post that she was seeing Brighid's Day celebrated all over the Internet. It makes me happy to think of all of us lighting our Imbolc fires, whether by using candles or fireplaces, celebrating and honoring the feminine side of deity. For far too long She has been ignored in favor of He. I believe there must be a balance.

I wonder, though, how many women feel free to honor the feminine side of deity openly? In the particular area of California that I live in, I would doubt that there are any. Here, the scales are heavily weighted in favor of Christian fundamentalists. For some reason, these mountains seem to attract them as much as it attracts people like myself, people who are more spiritual than religious.

What particularly confuses me is that some of these Christian fundamentalists are so willing to commit violence in the name of Jesus. I, and friends of mine, have had statues of faeries that were in our yards smashed to bits. Left on top of the smashed bits is always a card that reads 'Jesus loves you.' What??

So, I will continue to honor the Sacred Feminine in secret and look forward to a day, hopefully occurring in my lifetime, when I can do so openly. A day when some people won't be threatened or outraged by balance.

Monday, February 1, 2010


My little fire of apple branches (pruned from my trees) burns merrily in honor of the Goddess Brighid's Day, or Saint Brigid's Day if you're Catholic. Brighid had an apple orchard, so I burn apple branches to honor her.

I also make Oat bread to honor Saint Brigid. I put a piece of it, along with a bit of butter, on an outside windowsill for her. Tomorrow my family and I will eat the rest.

Strange? Well, not really, if you consider my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was born in Northern Italy, then moved to Sicily when she was a teen, and then to America. But her great-grandmother told her how the family originally lived in Ireland, then moved to the Brittany region of France, then Italy, over the course of hundreds of years. So my maternal grandmother was a Celtic/Strega/Catholic. My paternal grandmother was Cherokee.  The traditions of their ancestresses and ancestors were extremely important to both of them.

So I was raised Catholic, with all the various religious and spiritual beliefs of my grandmothers (and Oglala Sioux grandfather) mixed in with that. Perhaps a strange mixture to some, but not to me.

Anyway, happy Brighid's Day or Saint Brigid's Day!
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