Sunday, August 29, 2021


 Our summer skies have vacillated between normal, beautiful blue skies with white clouds, and this: 

smoked filled, that turns the sunlight a horrible amber orange color and makes it nearly impossible to breathe.  So far, knock on wood, we have been spared any fires bad enough that would force us to evacuate, but there have been fires all around us this summer.  

There have been lots of clouds around since June, but they’ve only given us thirty-three tenths of an inch of rain.  It’s also been far hotter than any other summer.  I long for cooler weather and rain. 

There have also been interesting creatures in my garden.  I think this is the caterpillar of a Hawk moth, although I have never seen them before in these mountains.  

The wild sunflowers are starting to bloom on the roadsides, so hopefully Fall weather isn’t far away.  

Part of a painting I’ve been working on.  I haven’t spent much time in my studio lately because the air conditioner in it doesn’t work too well.  I need to have it replaced, but hot weather seems to drain all my will power, and I find myself doing only what’s necessary.  Then I grab a book, a glass of iced tea and spend the rest of the day reading.  I’ll get my energy back when the weather cools off.  

We have had some beautiful sunsets this summer though, probably due to smoke particles in the air.  I guess that old saying is true, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  
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