Friday, September 23, 2011

Practical Magic Blog Party 2011

"There's a little witch in every woman." Aunt Jet

First of all, a big thank you to Anna of 'Frosted Petunias' for hosting this blog party. (Click on the badge over there on the top right to visit all of the party participants blogs. And Anna's blog is also on my blog roll, down on the middle right).

I love 'Practical Magic,' both the book and the movie. It was Alice Hoffman's lyrical style of writing that made me love the book; it was the house (mostly) that made me love the movie. Who wouldn't want to live in that house, set on an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest?

I was cleaning the glass in my studio...

(unfortunately, unlike the woodwork in the aunts' house, it doesn't clean itself). I was caught up in the reflections in the large bell jar. Reflections, like looking into candle flames or the flames in a fireplace, can take you to other places, you know...

Because they're so mesmerizing, you can...What was that noise?

Broom is coming!

I must hurry back inside and get ready for a party!

Must make sure all the candles are lit...

I want it to look warm, inviting and pretty for my guests.

I think this is the best use for a birdcage, don't you? (That was the only part of the book and movie that I didn't like. Poor dove...)

This faery is supervising everything I do, and wow, can she be bossy! Happily, the Faeries seem to like my little cottage and studio; I see them all over, including in the woods that surround my cottage and by the stream that you have to cross over to get to my cottage.

Let's see...well, I'm low on some things, but I have enough of the right herbs and potions if we want to do a few spells.

I wonder; perhaps my guests would like to borrow some of my moon jewelry? It's so much fun to try on! Choose what you like, please...there are necklaces, bracelets, rings, and brooches. did my husband's badge get in there? Like Sally, I fell in love with a law enforcement officer, something I never, ever thought I would do. And yes, he is a Penal Code sort of way! ;-) We've been happily married for over thirty years.

Like Sally Owens says "Magic isn't just spells and potions. Your badge? It's just a star, just another has power because you believe it does." I'd better get this back to him.

Whoops! I almost forgot...

Midnight Margaritas! Can't have a party without those!

So please, make yourselves comfortable and have as many margaritas as you want. These margaritas will never make you over-intoxicated, just magically happy...and they NEVER cause nasty things like hangovers!

Have a wonderful Autumn and an especially magical Halloween! Blessings to all (including my husband who, since I sprained my wrist, did all the cleaning and heavy lifting for this post) ~~~~~~~ Victoria


  1. That was great! Wonderful photography. And I love your hat :)

  2. What a wonderful man to do all the cleaning; everything looks amazing, I was tempted to lick the screen to see if I could taste the margaritas.

    And that picture of you, my goodness! You are a beautiful woman, with a magical smile, and that hat is fabulously witchy!

  3. fantastic post! i loved seeing it all set up (thank your hubby again!) and your picture at the end :) thanks again, stop by and see mine if you have time!

  4. You thought of everything! Ok we need to be friends, I've decided! The lighting with all the jars was wonderful and I love a margarita with a wide salted rim! I'm bookmarking you for sure! come see me and see what the aunts have been up to!-xoxo,cindy

  5. What a wonderful party you have set up here. Just love it and enjoying myself.

  6. Oh what a pure enchanting post filled with fun and magic...thank you for having me along...Practical Magic brings out all the good little white witches to usher in the season of quiet rest. Be Blessed and keep the magic alive!

  7. Your pictures are absolutely enchanting. Such a warmth to them all. I'm overwhelmed with the beauty.

  8. yay to husband because the party is amazing, the company entertaining and the margaritas are delish! Love all your magical bell jars...and I thought I saw a fairy dancing the nite away too.


  9. Oh what a gorgeous post - it really transported me. And the jewelry - wow. Stop by my enchanted oven for a PM cookie.
    Magical hugs,

  10. Good day to you, Victoria!
    I enjoyed your post so very much. What lovely photos and such a romantic setting. Congratulations on 30 years of marriage to your penal code handsome kind of way man. :-)

    Thank you for the enjoyable visit.

    Beautiful autumn blessings,

  11. LOVE you entry! I also love your hat. I make one every year and you have inspired me. Take care and have a magical day.

  12. What a wonderful post. You have a fantasticly magical home. I love it !!! So nice to "meet" you.
    Have a magical weekend.

  13. Thanks for sharing with us. Loved all the bright pictures. Lighting reminds me of Halloween season!


  14. Oh, I love your world... and your words !!
    And such an amazing collection of images...
    Delightful post as well !!

  15. Your photography is amazing and all of the lovely things in them was a treat. This is a beautiful post and I have got to start following this blog. I'll grab one of those Margaritas and then I've got to fly.

  16. Beautiful post! Happy 2nd Annual Practical Magic Blog Party! Hope you’ll drop by:

  17. What a wonderful post.
    Happy 2nd Annual Practical Magic Blog Party! Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  18. Now if I had a hat like that, I would wear it to work in October. Oh, the look of envy of the ladies! I would then smile and extend a basket of chocolates and candy toward the ladies with the envious looks and say, "Have a bit of candy, my sweet, and know that the moon loves you."

  19. Oh, what gorgeous pictures, especially of all the glassware!

    I loved the book PRACTICAL MAGIC and may just have to go find it for a re-read!

  20. I had such a lovely time at your party. The sweet treets and the other gus=ests were so nice and I felt very welcome. Thank you for sharing your photos. They were wondrous. Please vvisit me:

  21. The house was beautiful - warm and welcoming.
    I will say thank you to both you and your husband for that.
    Loved the wonderful photographs. I have fairies helping me around here as well, but they don't clean very well. (Or do litter boxes.)

    My favorite was playing with your moon jewelry!

  22. Absolutely beautiful post!! I love your set up. You are a beautiful witch, and I love love love that hat! I also had a problem with the dove thing but the rest of the movie more than made up for it! Great job!!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•`*SANDI

  23. What an enchanting party! Your pictures are just magical! Thanks so much for having me over!!

  24. You look so lovely in your hat! I just love all the pictures with the candlelight!

    Thank you so much for sharing your post with all of us for the Practical Magic Blog Party! Lovely to visit with you!

    LuLu Kellogg

  25. Such a magical post, I've really enjoyed visiting your party, the margaritas were fabulous and the glass ware shone so brightly in the candle light. Thanks so much for showing your moon jewellery, it looks stunning just like your photos are.

    J x

  26. A lovely post and magical photos! It was a pleasure to attend your Practical Magic party! Blessed Be!

  27. fantastic and hope your husband is well soon!

    blessings of love


  28. I truly loved this post...the glistening light on all of the glass and all the details...especially love your hat! Thanks for sharing and hope your wrist heals soon! blessed be! bertie

  29. Hello Victoria! What a wonderful Practical Magic post. And such a lovely photo of you - that is truly a gorgeous hat!!! Thank you for a lovely time. :) Please feel free to come and visit with me, too. :)
    Sincerely, Theresa

  30. my hubster would NEVER do anything for my bloggy things (well maybe take a picture or be in one)
    Very lovely post! do you have an etsy shop? sell your moon jewelry?


  31. Awww! What a wonderful husband you must have! :) Lovely post and gorgeous decor! Thanks for sharing with us!

  32. So gorgeous. Big Hugs to your husband for helping you make such a beautiful post.



  33. LOVE your photos! Great post..come visit me too!

  34. Fun post, fun pictures, and what a nice husband to help you out, hope you mend soon, Celeste,

  35. Hi! I am linking from the Practical Magic blog party. I love all the details in your post. Your home looks lovely, inside and out. By the way, your husband rocks out loud! :D

  36. Oh my goodness Victoria, what a beautiful and amazing post!! Everything is wonderful...from your beautiful candlelit glass, your pantry of potions and your amazing moon jewelry collection. I kept searching your blog for a link to see if you made or sold them! Thank you so much for sharing this, and thank you to your wonderful hubby for helping you out. You two are a real life Gary and Sally :)


  37. what a magical post! thanks so much!!!!

  38. I love the cabinet!! I think I may put my hubs to work to make me one or two!! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Victoria, is that you in the last but one photo? No way you can possibly be married for over 30 years -- you would have been a baby when you married!

    I love all the photos you shared -- especially the star. :)

    Magical Times,

  40. A fantastically magical post!! I noticed your husband is a San Bernardino Detective, I use to live Redlands and Beaumont! I loved all your pictures and marvelous collection of apothecary jars! And me oh my, your witch hat is glorious! I need one like that! My witch hat has a set of bunny ears coming out, a sad mistake as one of my spells backfired on me. ;)

    I hope you can fly in and visit me.

  41. Ahhh this is just gorgeous, your photos of the candles reflecting in the glass are beyond words. Just amazing.

  42. What an enchanting party post! Your photos are beautiful and your witchy hat is lovely. I also love that color blue you have on your door and porch! Thanks for sharing, Michelle

  43. Fabulous! I love all your glass bits, and it does look very warm and inviting.

    Your witch hat is absolutely stunning!

    What a greta PM post!

  44. Wow, such a beautiful post! Such warm and beautiful photos, and I loved the picture of the broom on your porch, too. It looks like such a lovely and inviting home :-) Thanks for sharing, and..thanks for the tasty margaritas!! I'm a new follower and look forward to visiting often! Have a magical day!


  45. Wow!! Super wow..what a mega-gorgeous post..this was a spectacular tribute...gorgeous glowing photos..your table settings and vignettes are romantic and charming..wonderful! thanks for this beautiful journey!
    Shine on

  46. Thanks to all the wonderful husbands, and law enforcement officers! I was very welcomed and will come back again. Thank you.

  47. What a wonderful post, all your glimmering glass is mesmerizing! Please also thank your husband for the work he does. I so appreciate wonderful souls that give of themselves to society. AND helping you clean your glass for this post means he is truly lovely and obviously devoted to you.
    Thank you and Blessing!

  48. Victoria I love your Practical Magic Party. Absolutely beautiful. I love your home and that picture of you is perfect. Boy those margaritas look good. I've had such a great time. Glad you stopped by and I think you could talk your husband into making a little room in your studio, after all you got him to do the cleaning.
    Clever witch!


  49. Loved those pictures!! And definitely will have a hangover free magic margarita!!

    How blessed you are in your husband!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Meanderings

  50. Gorgeous post! I agree- that poor dove. :( I hope you are having as much fun as I am flying from blog to blog... and I just love your Pinero quote! Brightest wishes!

  51. Beautiful post! I love your glass and candle light photos. I adore your hat!! Thank you for swinging by my PM party post.

    K. Michele

  52. Thanks so much for dropping by my PM party post and for your kind words!

  53. What a wonderful posting and thank you so much for your comment on my blog too! It's what I love about these parties, finding new wonderful creative souls! Love all your sidebar candy too~

    You mentioned in your comment about not knowing how to do some things on your blog ~ you can always visit the tutorials section of mine if you want to know more about the basics of your blog, they're easy-peasy to follow. ;-)

    Wonderful to meet you!

  54. What magical candlelight! I love your secret garden. I am jealous! Blessings, Lisa

  55. What magical candlelight! I love your secret garden. I am jealous! Blessings, Lisa

  56. Such a pretty picture of you and a lucky lady to have someone too. I have moon jewelry just like yours! Guess we shop at the same place lol

  57. I loved this!!!
    Thank you stopping by and a huge thank you for letting me attend your beautiful party.

  58. Thanks for following!
    Come by anytime for some puddin n pie!

  59. I love your PM party post!!! Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for such a fun party!
    Have a great day and a magical autumn,

  60. Oh Victoria, what and enchanting party! Your margaritas are the best I've had with just the right touch of lime. I ADORE your images, the lighting and ambiance were so warm and comforting. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure to meet you. Mina

  61. Dearest Victoria,
    I had the most wonderful visit with you at your lovely party. I so loved all your little potion and herb jars, and I must say I lovvvvvvvve your magnificent Hat.
    Please fly by for a visit when you are out and about,
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  62. Wow what a great post, gorgeous tribute and lovely pictures.

    Zoe xx


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