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This blog party is being hosted by Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.  Click on the first link on the right to visit some really fantastic studios! And...welcome to my studio!  Walking through the open door, this is what you would see above: My tree, which I leave up all year round.  In my studio, it is always Winter, always Christmas (and Halloween, as you will see).
This chair is directly to the right of the fireplace.
Looking a bit to the left...
This is what I see when I'm standing in front of the hearth looking back.  (That mirror on the right is there because I haven't decided where to put it yet).  You can see part of a small bathroom way in the back on the right.
 This is where I do most of my painting.  It has a little sink close by, which is handy when I work in watercolor.
A few of my Windsor and Newton Alkyds.  This is directly to my left when I'm sitting in my chair.
And my easel is just behind me if I turn around.
This is what's on the easel right now.  It's a preliminary drawing (which is not showing up too well; left click on it to see it better) of a girl riding a polar bear under the Northern Lights with the Brooks Range of Alaska in the background.  The colors of the lights will be reflected in the snow and there will be Faeries flitting around the bear and the girl.  I'll probably do this painting in Alkyds.
This is a little 'kitchen' area to the right of the sink.  There is a small refrigerator under the counter and a microwave on the counter across from this one. I have to have my tea and scones!
Looking back towards the fireplace.  The Reindeer is Prancer.  My husband is so wonderful, he knows I'm only 8 years old at heart and bought Prancer for me to indulge that little 8 year old.  My small great-great-nieces are convinced that Prancer can magically fly through the walls every night and up to the North Pole to visit Santa. 
This is Minette Mouse.  She's great at coming up with ideas for paintings...
and wonderfully efficient at keeping my brushes for various mediums separated and in their proper containers!
This painting was one of Minette's ideas.
This is a painting that I taught my students how to do when I was teaching Decorative Painting.
My mother crocheted all the doilies and the covering over the table behind Prancer, which is actually a twin sized bedspread.  She always said that crocheting wasn't an art, but I firmly believe it is!  Sadly, I didn't get her gift for crocheting, but instead got my Nonna's gift for painting.  Well, a little bit of it; she was a much, much better painter than I can ever hope to be.
The sewing basket underneath the cricket (it's always lucky to have a cricket on the hearth, don't you know) was my Nonna's, then my Mama's and now mine.  The Fairy Tale Book was given to me by my Father in 1955.
My wonderful husband built this studio for me in 1998 and bought the sterling tea service on the right of the table as an anniversary present that same year.  It was the first thing I put in the studio!

When I'm not painting, I love sitting on the couch, especially when it's chilly enough to have a fire in the fireplace.  This is not just a studio for me to work in, it's my sanctuary, my refuge.  I love being surrounded by things my family has made, used, or given to me; it's like they're right here with me.  Sometimes my husband and I have dinner in front of the fire.  He says it's the only time he gets to visit the painting I did for him, which hangs over the mantel, lol.  I keep meaning to paint something else to hang there so he can put this painting in his den, but, so far, Minette Mouse hasn't come up with an idea. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit, and thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. Wow, what a great studio! I have to say I'm a little envious:) It looks like a wonderful refuge. Thanks for the tour! Twyla

  2. How wonderful that your husband built that gorgeous space, The fireplace is awesome. I love the way you've kept all your brushes and supplies. What a great place to create your beautiful art work in!

  3. I could sit there with a cup of tea and a plate of scones and just stare all the day long. Your artwork is beautiful! And you are surrounded by so many lovely things. thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  4. Such a beautiful space. Makes me want some hot chocolate and a beautiful Christmas song, then I would be glittering like crazy. Awesome, I love it. Come by and see me. Love your mantle

  5. Beautiful, such a magical place to be. I love it and wish I had a space like this ; )
    You are very talented I love your work !!
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Awesome creative Space ♥

  7. Your studio is a lovely mountain retreat that look so warm and friendly I bet it's hard to leave!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!!!

  8. What a wonderful dreamy place you have to retreat comfy and relaxing. what a dream!

  9. Enchantment is flowing through your blog.I feel we have a lot in common.I live in Rancho Cucamonga.Do you live in the southern Ca.Mountains?If so,then I'm right below you.I love your studio and your husband sounds so sweet and kind to you.I also paint,it is such a relaxing activity for Me,I love just zoning out when I paint.I'm going back to peruse your blog farther.Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage

  10. I wish I had a comfy blanket, a cup of tea, and a good long book. I would sit right on that sofa and wouldn't leave for days! Thank you so much for sharing your studio with us. It's too pretty for me to work in, so I think I'll just sit there and rest as I watch you create something beautiful! XO

  11. I would be soooo happy to paint in a beautiful space such as you have. Wonderful!

  12. Oh my!, I don't want to leave...I would love to curl up in front of the fire and share a cup of tea with you. A truly amazing space, Victoria. I look forward to returning another time. Thank you for the tour ♥ ஆ

  13. Walking through the door of the studio is like walking in a fairy land. It is always interesting to see where artists or crafters create.
    Your creative space is full of treasuries. Funny you keep your Christmas tree all along the year.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.

    Have a creative summer. Blessings and Bonjour de France !


  14. What a great space, Victoria! I love that you have a fireplace. With a kitchen area, too, I don't think I'd leave! You must get lots of inspiration just from your space. How wonderful that your hubby built it for you. I've come across that in a few blogger's spaces and think it is just wonderful hubby's can be so supportive of creating. Thanks for the tour!

  15. Hi Victoria,

    It is so nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Oh goodness - what a beautiful studio your husband built for you.
    I can see why it is an inspirational space for you to create your beautiful art in the mountains and how very special that you have a fireplace!
    Have a lovely creative day.

  16. Hi Victoria
    What a wonderful studio - you have
    inspiration all around you.
    And you have a frig right there -all the comforts of home. Loved your artwork. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the tour! Pam

  17. Oh, this painting studio of yours is so cosy and lovely.
    Very many things but still in order.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

  18. Oh my, let me pick myself off the floor! A fireplace??? Doesn't get much better than that. How do you ever leave? Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. What a fabulous, comfy space! TFS

  20. What a great studio. Your painting is brilliant! I have the same fairy tale book, it was a gift at birth, it has amazing illustration. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space.

  21. You have a beautiful studio.... but your outside "studio" is absolutely stunning....

    Thank you so much for sharing! I will be back!


  22. What a beautiful room....I would never get anything done in there. I'd want to just sit and look at all the wonderful things you've filled it with!

  23. Wow your studio is lovely! It reminds me of a story book cottage. Your paintings are lovely also!Thanks for sharing with us.


  24. What a wonderful studio! I would love to have a fireplace in mine. Love that you have your Christmas tree up all year!
    Thanks for visiting me!


  25. Ach ! Victoria...jakie piękne miejsce.Tak uroczo, że chciałabym tu zostać na zawsze....
    Gorąco pozdrawiam i zapraszam do Domu Rozalii :)

  26. Well Victoria where you live is just a dreamland and oooh soooo inspirational. All of your wildlife pictures are just too awesome and your studio. Wow...I'll just have to come by and visit again to feel this good! Thanks so much for opening up your studio.

  27. Oh my! What an amazing place! So much beauty. Thank you for showing it!

  28. What a magical home/studio you have!! I love stuffed animals and noticed you have an affinity for them too. I would be happy to sit in front of the fire and eat dinner as well. Thanks for sharing your space with us all.

  29. One word sums up this charming studio for me and that is "cosy". It has such a relaxed and peaceful air about it too.
    To be able to sit in that chair by the fire is a treat to behold and have it right in your studio.
    Everything is so conducive to creating.
    Thank you for sharing it all with us!
    Just beautiful!

  30. Your space is so beautiful and homey looking. I'll bet you are comfortable to be around too. Thanks for sharing, Keeps smiling and creating

  31. What a beautiful space, so cozy, and with everything you need to be creative. And, you live in such a beautiful place!

  32. What a lovely place to create! Full of wonderful treasures and ohhhh to have a fireplace in ones craft room!
    Thank you for sharing and for visiting my little crafting corner!

  33. What a great space. I know you must enjoy it so much...high five to the hubs for building it for you.


  34. Beautiful space, you have everything in there and I feel your energy and the pure joy of creating in there. Will have to check out your blog more and see your work.

  35. What a wonderful refuge indeed! Your art is wonderful; that drawing is too cute! Oh and I adore the silver; something I like to collect and use around my creative space too.

    Thank you for the tour; what I wouldn't give to have a wonderful place like that!

  36. AMAZING! What a beautiful studio. Thank you so much for the tour of this great space.

  37. A great place to be creative, lots of color.

  38. Your blog is just wonderful, Im smitten with your furry friends that stop in to visit! Ive been fortunate to have many visitors but not a mountain lion, a bob cat though!Love you creative space.

  39. Your creative space is so enchanting and feminine! Not only are you a talented artist, your husband is talented also! How wonderful that he built your studio for you!
    Thanks for the lovely tour!

  40. You have a wonderful place to paint. I have a sweet sun room I should move to put I would have it a mess.I all so paint and I'm going to be doing some decorative painting now so come by and see me it will be a couple weeks to get done .I'm always doing too many things at a time . I will be back. Laura


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