Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Fanciful Halloween in the Faery Forest

First, thank you Vanessa for hosting this party!  To see the other parties, click on the badge at the top right.  (Left click to enlarge the photos).

Now, come spend a bit of Halloween in the Faery Forest!  It's not too long a walk; just follow this path by the lake and turn left past the big pine.

And another left turn to take the path up through the forest.  Better hurry - it gets dark early in these mountains, the fog is coming in and it's easy to get lost.  The Faeries put out a pumpkin to mark the path.  And see the glow at the top of the path?  You're almost there!

Just stick to the path and you'll be safe.

Only a bit further...and now you have a darling kitty, Miss Maxine, to guide you!

Oh good, Miss Fortuna is here.  (Just have her tell your fortune, though: I wouldn't "buy" any good luck.  Sometimes, the price is more costly than you could imagine).

She has a most magical crystal ball...

And Rune Stones and, wow...three other crystal balls?  Hmm...I see something strange in the one on the right, do you?

This little Faery wants to see her fortune for herself in the stones.

But these two couldn't care less!

Oh, look!  Here's the Moon (I call her La Luna) flying in on her pumpkin.
I love the trail of moon dust she leaves behind her.

She's put her witch's party hat on, and she says it's time for some sweet goodies!

Out in the garden, there's a table with candy apples, chocolate cake, hot spiced apple cider and champagne.  But, if you get chilly...

Inside my cottage there's a warm fire burning, cozy chairs to sit on, spice cake with cream cheese frosting, and anything to drink that you want...because the teapot is a magical one, and it will pour out any beverage you ask for! 

There are also dark chocolate rum cupcakes and pumpkin cupcakes with a pecan praline filling.

Samuel Squirrel is the butler here.  See him in front of the pumpkins holding a dish of candy bars?  He looks like a statue, doesn't he?  Don't be fooled - he just hates having his picture taken, so he freezes.

While we eat and drink, we can listen to the tale that Grandmother Bear is reading to the Book Faery.  They have the same problem with photos that Samuel does - don't be fooled!  Just don't look directly at them; you'll see them come alive from the corner of your eye.

Hmm.  My broom must be tired of waiting to fly...she's sideways!

I hope everyone has a Halloween full of wonder and good magic.  Thank you so much for coming to my party - now I'm off to visit yours!

(And a big thank you to my husband, who always does all the heavy lifting and helps me set things up for blog parties).


  1. Such a lovely cottage you have! Looks like I'm your first visitor, yay! I did see something in that crystal ball...I'll keep it to myself though. Secrets can be fun!

  2. I adore your adventurous Moon, your determined wee faerie and that handsome reading bear. I wonder if the moon would let me borrow her hat. I would show it off everywhere! ♥

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Magical Party Post! Beautiful Photos. Hope you'll fly by my Are You A Good Or Bad Witch? Halloween Party & Be Blessed with powerful Wiccan Wishes... Enchantingly Yours, Lyndy Ward >^..^<

  5. Great it...Happy Halloween...
    Kerstin from germany

  6. A Fairy party in the forest,oh just My style.I think You have a beautiful home and looks so perfect with the fire and pumpkins.I think I see My Kirks Folley Moon too. I'm pretty sure You were the one I spoke to a couple years ago about kirks Folley I loved visiting Your warm and lovely home. Denise

  7. Nicole, thank you...I bet we saw the same thing!

    Magaly, I'm pretty sure she'd let you borrow it!

  8. Denise, thank you. I'm glad you liked my home. I think you saw my Kirks Folly moon, lol, but I bet you have one just like it! It's sad that they went out of business. We did speak several years ago about both of us being Kirks Folly collectors...there are thousands of collectors that are very sad about that.

  9. About Kirks Folly going out of business, I mean, not about us being's one of those days!

  10. You have such a magical place. I so love that you have a Halloween tree. I'm drooling over the reading bear--so precious. We get black bears on our property--so amazing to see.
    Have a happy Halloween!!
    Chrislyn / Spiritdog Studios

  11. Chrislyn, thank you. We have black bears here, too, and Grandmother Bear reminded me of them.

  12. I enjoyed your cozy and magical Halloween Party. The cupcakes were delish.

  13. Thank your hubby from us too.
    It was a wonderful visit.
    Such a beautiful setting.

  14. Love your party. The cupcakes look yummy. The decorations are great.

  15. Shell, thank you, I'm glad you liked the cupcakes.

    DogsMom, I'll tell hubby that you said thanks, and I'm happy you had a wonderful visit.

  16. I must find myself one of those magic teapots... one that pours Midnight Margaritas, perhaps?!

  17. Oh, how magical!! I was enchanted for certain!! What a beautiful place as well.

    Happy Halloweeeeen, thank you for joining in, truly! <3, Vanessa

  18. Renee, thanks for coming to my party!

    Beverly, definitely Midnight Margaritas!

    Vanessa, thank you for providing this opportunity to party in Blogland, I'm so glad you liked my post!

  19. Thanks for inviting us to your lovely cottage in the Faery Forest. It truly is a wonderful and magical place.
    As a long time Kirks Folly collector I too am very sad that they have closed their doors, but it was lovely that you included some pieces in your post.
    Have a Happy Halloween! Cheers, Sarah

  20. What a magical Halloween Party you put on Victoria! And a great big thank you to your hubby the heavy lifter. Such magickal photos. I hope your having fun partying! Hugs! deb

  21. Such a beautiful forest! I wish I could live in a cottage there! Your decorations are really magical! I love them! Very inspiring! <3

  22. truly enchanting! your photos are beautifully done and love all your forest friends- and the treats wow! Is that a Halloween tree by the fire? My mom has one too. a delight from beginning to end- will be following

  23. I could happily spend forever sitting by you fire drinking tea and reading with the bear :D XXX

  24. What a magical party! I'll sit by your fire a little longer in my mind...

  25. Gorgeous. The pictures look ripped from a magazine. I confess I'm a real sucker for images of Fall, so the orange leaved tree caught my attention right off. Though the tea setting images were impressive, too. I keep commenting on how well everyone uses lighting, and your photos are another example of how skilled photographers make settings glow. Just such a fun party. Thank you for hosting it.

  26. Sarah, how great to find another Kirks Folly collector!

    Deb, I'll tell H that you said thank you! I'm glad you had a good time at the party.

    Laura, I wish you could live in a cottage here, too! You would be a most welcome addition to this forest.

    Christina, thank you, I'm glad you liked my photos. It is a Halloween tree, nice to know your mom has one, too. Thank you for following, I'm now following you, too!

    Gina, thank you, you're most welcome to stay as long as you like!

    Miss Vicki, thank you for coming to my party!

    B.R. Marsten, thank you for your kind words about my photos, and thank you for coming to my party!

  27. I'm so enchanted by your party, I didn't want to leave the cozy fire place.

  28. Really? A magical teapot that pours out any beverage you ask for? Yes please! Wouldn't that be fabulous! Do you have a Halloween tree next to your fireplace?

    Gerushia's New World

  29. Thank you, Holly, come back anytime.

    Kim, that is a Halloween tree next to the fireplace. I agree, a real magical teapot would be fabulous!

    Thank you both for coming to my party!

  30. Oh, so beautiful!! (Thank you, Miss Maxine, for giving me the Grand Tour!) Your photos are sublime, my Dear...what a delightful celebration...and you know anything "Faery" is right down my alley!
    Have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween!!

  31. How lovely! What a delightful party you put on! Happy Halloween!

  32. What a super beautiful party you had! Thank you so much for having me and also for having visited The Circus at The Tearoom!

    Wishing you a lovely and spooky Halloween!


  33. Wow, I'm blown away! What a beautiful autumn home you have!

  34. How absolutely magical! So many lovely details. I must share this post with my husband. We just celebrated our 23rd annual Halloween party. Halloween hugs!

  35. Wow Victoria - this was a wonderful visit...those pumpkin cupcakes with the praline icing sound excellent...I just might have to hop on my broom and fly right over. Hope you have a great Halloween too Hugs!

  36. Goodness what a magical and beautiful party! I love all of your beautiful goodies, especially La Luna! Thank you for a wonderful experience and for visiting my party! Halloween blessings to you!

  37. Magical and charming are the words I use to describe your enchanting party Victoria! I remember feeling the same way at Vanessa's tea this summer. I wish I could see it all in person! I would sit there next to your fabulous hearth with one of your kitties and feel oh so content. I love your Halloween tree too! I do see we both love the fairies. Thank you and your hubby for putting together this visual treat! Also, Thank you for stopping in to see me and all your lovely comments that really meant a lot. Enjoy the Fall Holidays.
    Blessings to you and yours as well! ;)

  38. Victoria, I am so entranced by your magical decorations -- your bear makes me smile and that divinely decorated and candlelit table make my heart soar! And I must say, I love your kitties -- they are beautiful!

    Thanks for coming by The Marmelade Gypsy to see my party. I'll have part two coming tomorrow!

  39. Absolutely love the party post! That decor is just gorgeous! I am a forest dweller myself so this was so perfect for me!

  40. What a magical party you've created!! The walk through the woods and then ending up at your own snug cottage was a real treat ;) It nice to hear that you had such great help from your husband too. Happy Halloween! Wendy x


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