Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Little Further Along...

On the road to Christmas.  I've got the garland and the mantle done...

A closer look at the mantle decorations.  The little houses in the wreath belonged to my grandmother and are over 100 years old, while the ornament at the bottom of the wreath belonged to my mother.  I don't put them on the tree anymore because the young cats are just too good at climbing the tree and getting to the ornaments.  I'll have to use the same unbreakable plastic ornaments that I bought last year again this year on the tree, but I sure miss all my glass ornaments that I've collected since I was a child.  Maybe next year...

The Christmas Faery is zipping around, teasing the cats.  The cats keep begging her to sprinkle them with some Faery Dust so they can fly, but all she does is bop them lightly on their heads with her candy cane...thank goodness!  Can you imagine?  Flying cats...nothing would be safe!


  1. Dear Victoria - your mantle is awesome - I need you to come do mine for me. I so relate to those beautiful memorable ornaments. Like you every year when I pull them out I remember those who have given them to me that no longer live on this earth. As for flying cats - I am with you we just don't need them to get fairy wings and fly around. Hugs!

  2. What a pretty mantle! You do a marvelous job of setting all of this up. It's so nice that you have some heirloom ornaments to set out with the rest. Flying cats?! Hmm, I can't imagine why you'd be so against such mischief!! Wendy x

  3. Your mantlepiece looks amazing!

    The cheeky Christmas faery is adorable! Flying cats! That would be crazy!

  4. win in the prettiest mantle contest
    I love the lighting....makes me want to cozy up with the kittens....what am I saying

  5. Dear Victoria - your mantle and decorations are simply fabulous. I love it - now do you hire out? I have a mantle that could use your artistic touch.

  6. Your decorations are beautiful. How wonderful to have your grandmothers wreath with the little houses. I love the bears. I have a collection myself and you're giving me ideas to make winter coats and hats for them and display them next time.


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