Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oh, How it Used To...

Snow!  This is a photo of a place in Twin Peaks that rents little cabins to vacationers.  They're always decorated so cutely at Christmas, I always try to drive over to take some photos.  These are from 2008, back when we used to get 'real' snow.

The one below is from this year.  They've added a second story, and the decorations are cute, but...


  1. What a snug little cabin! Love all the decorating, but I agree ... not the same without that white icing on top! We've had a very green Christmas as well. Wendy x

  2. I'm sad to think that there is such a lack of pure, white snow in a place where it should be.
    And, such an abundance of snow too.
    I truly hope the drought breaks soon, and all is restored...


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