Thursday, December 4, 2014

Not Even Close

Decorating is proceeding very slowly.  I wanted to be done by Thanksgiving - ha ha ha ha ha!  That didn't happen.  Sigh...I'm going to have to be stern with myself and get busy.  I've got the garland up around the living room and it's decorated, but that's about the only thing that's done.  The tree has the lights on it, but not one ornament yet, unless you count the cats zipping up and down and around in it.  Not a card addressed, not a cookie baked, not a present wrapped.  But...I am done with the Christmas shopping!


  1. I'm even worse off than you!! Not one present bought, no baking (no kitchen), no cards, no decorations (all still in the crawlspace). Am I worried? nope! I'll be happy if the house is in order before Christmas. Tomorrow I start shopping, and maybe next week some baking ... we'll both get there eventually :) Wendy x

  2. Just getting started on decorating -- but most of the gifts are made (mostly by my husband.)

  3. Well, having your presents bought is a good start!


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