Monday, December 22, 2014

Scratches vs. Love

Every time I look at the snowman on the table I smile.  He just has that sort of face. 

Rita is more intrigued by the candle.  Yes, my cats get on the table.  I don't let them in the kitchen because, thank goodness, it has a door that closes!  But, a good scrubbing, and a clean tablecloth or placemat take care of any germs before we sit down to eat a meal, so I don't really worry about them getting on the table.  After thirty six years of this, the poor table is pretty scratched.  I don't worry about that either.  Each scratch, every gouge, is a reminder of beloved pets who are no longer with us. 


  1. Beautiful!!
    Every home should have kitties :)
    And, scratches on wood - I adore. Just adds to the patina.
    Such patina costs a fortune in vintage shops nowadays ;)

    Merry Christmas dear Victoria.
    And to ALL on your magic mountain.
    Kiss to dear Mrs. Rose.

  2. My house is also full of scratches and other signs that there have been many pets over the years. I've never really minded, I guess because I've just loved them so much. Hugs to you for loving all creatures so much.


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