Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sifting Snow

I took this early this morning while I was out filling the bird feeders.  It had just started to snow, tiny snowflakes so fine it was as though the sky was sifting them before letting them fall.  The texture of the bark with the frosting of snow caught my eye.

It's been snowing all day here, but there are only about three inches on the ground.  It takes a long time for this type of snow to build up; even up at the top of the ski runs they're only supposed to get eight or nine inches of powder.  I'm hoping the weather forecasters are wrong, and I'll wake up to several feet of snow! 


  1. How perfectly described - sifted snowflakes. The dusting of powder looks so beautiful on the logs - quite enchanting!
    I am enchanted by snow...

    I will close my eyes this New Years eve, Victoria, and wish so hard for a very generous snowfall to grace you all.

    And please give darling Mrs. Rose a treat from me next time you see her.

  2. I like the effects of the sugary snow too, it looks beautiful on the rough texture of the logs. We had some wild snow flurries yesterday too, but nothing accumulated. It's a cold one today though, so I must get the bird feeders topped again this morning too ;) Happy New Year! Wendy x


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